WineSenseTV launches new website

VANCOUVER-Dec.21, 2010-Nicole Porter, entrepreneur, is taking strides with Recently re-branded, the launch of couldn’t have come at a better time. With the holidays spurring an influx in wine sales and the number of consumers looking to find out about wine, this resource just might do the trick. Porter, a vibrant entrepreneur, veteran marketer and fellow wine lover is excited to bring the vine back down to earth and create a forum where wine connoisseurs and beginners can meet to celebrate wine.

“ is really about demystifying wine. It’s about bringing conversations on wine to a place where everybody can get involved,” says Porter, President and CEO of WineSenseTV. “We want to be the meeting ground where both sommeliers and casual wine drinkers come to find out about wine,” says Porter. “We’re making wine make sense.” offers people a unique opportunity to choose how they want WineSenseTV to work for them. Whether perusing WineSenseTV’s best bang for your buck list: Wine Cents, or seeking programming opportunities, the website’s appeal is broad spanning.

“You know, as business people, we’re all running around trying our best to find new ways to bring value to our clients,” says Porter. “Part of the appeal of WineSenseTV is our ability to provide businesses and consumers with an approach that can be as flexible and broad-spanning as desired. We’re passionate about wine and want as many people as possible to share in our passion.” offers company and property profiling, advertising opportunities, tips and tools, food and wine pairings, weekly wine suggestions and practical, easy to understand information on wine.

“A lot of people feel wine is about culture and refinement” says Porter. “And as much as that can be true, we’re hoping WineSenseTV can help people find their place with wine. It doesn’t have to be intimidating.”


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