WineSenseTV hits iTunes

WineSenseTV hits iTunes

VANCOUVER – Feb. 28, 2011 – WineSenseTV is proud to announce its debut appearance on iTunes. “It’s just another way we’re trying to bring relevance to our viewers,” says Nicole Porter, President and CEO of WineSenseTV. “And we’re very excited to get to this next phase in our strategy.”

WineSenseTV delivers episodes in short video form on its website at, through a weekly video series to Wine Sense TV members, on YouTube and other video sites, and now, iTunes. “What’s great about having our videos available to viewers across numerous platforms is that it allows us to move our message to different audiences or to the same audience that happens to be using a different device at any given time,” says Porter. “iTunes is a dynamic, current platform to communicate through and we’re more than happy to be able to share, for free, the knowledge we’ve acquired about wine.”

Episodes by WineSenseTV are free and easily found by searching “Wine Sense” on iTunes. “The functionality of iTunes is exciting because it gives our viewers the chance to take in wine factoids as they cruise along in their daily lives,” says Porter. “It’s the perfect place for us to be. We want to make wine make sense. We know people are busy and so we want this information to be available to them in as many places as possible. Consumers want convenience and we want to provide them with what they want.” says Porter.

WineSenseTV encourages those interested in learning about wine, winemaking regions, food and wine pairings, best bang for your buck options and more, to check out what WineSenseTV has to offer through whichever medium suits them best; whether that be through Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, iTunes or, the folks at WineSenseTV are most interested in sharing what they know with people who care to know.

“The sense of community we’re establishing through our combined online and social media efforts is really paying off,” says Porter. “We’re gradually collecting more and more like-minded people who are finding value in what we do and are joining us in expressing their passion about wine; which is in part due to the fact that we’re not passively waiting for people to find us,” says Porter. “We’re actively looking for new ways to reach the people we want to reach most, and really, the only differentiator among people for us is the level of desire a person has to learn, share and grow with respect to their knowledge, expression of and thirst for the many facets of wine.”

Check out free episodes from WineSenseTV now on iTunes:


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