Wine Sense TV gets social

Wine Sense TV gets social

VANCOUVER- Feb. 18, 2011- In a consumer’s choice market, it’s becoming increasingly more important to connect to your audience over numerous platforms. Gone are the days of market power being held in the hands of businesses. The shift in control from businesses to consumers has flown with the introduction and gained popularity of social media. Twitter, Facebook and YouTube have become engaging ways of communicating with and connecting to consumers.

“We want our viewers to get as much out of WineSenseTV as possible, and to do that, we’ve embraced such social media platforms as Twitter, Facebook and YouTube to reach out to our viewers,” says Nicole Porter, President and CEO of WineSenseTV. “The more places we can meet our viewers and their needs, the more successful we will be in reaching our audience and providing value to supporters of WineSenseTV,” says Porter.

Twitter allows companies to informally address their followers through short, concise, timely and relevant messages known as tweets. Twitter is a social media tool that brings people together to partake in a conversation about a given topic. Followers of WineSenseTV can access links to YouTube videos, pictures, groups and networks on Facebook while actively encouraging audiences to behave as communities do – looking after one another, keeping each other up to date on news, current issues and interest topics, deals, events and the like.

“At the end of the day, our business is as much about our audience as it is about wine and we’re happy to use social media tools  to really connect to our viewers and to create a sense of intimacy and community for wine lovers,” says Porter.  “At WineSenseTV, we understand that people are really overloaded with information and choices. In that way, the challenge for us as a business is to really tap into the needs of our social community and to provide them with relevant information that is tailored to their specified interests and needs.

WineSenseTV aims to teach its followers about wine, and to do so, the company has taken an educational marketing approach whereby those who are interested in wine, whether novices or experts, can gather in a community to learn and grow. WineSenseTV offers value to its supporters through free access to its episodes, wine and food pairing guides and videos and value lists. Social media has afforded companies like WineSenseTV the luxury of engaging with their viewers on an interactive, community-based level. It has allowed groups of like-minded individuals to find each other and to carve out a space where those interested can partake in “the conversation” about wine.

“You know, it’s really about demystifying wine for us at WineSenseTV,” says Porter. “I’ll say that again and again because at the end of the day, that’s what we’re looking to achieve. We want to engage with our viewers and to provide them with something they can really sink their teeth into; which is at large why we want people to sign up for our WineSenseTV video series, and to check out Thirst-Day and the Wine Cents Value List,” says Porter. “It’s a way for us to provide value to a group of people with shared interest. Again, it’s really about our supporters and our interaction with them. Wine is social and we’re using social media to make learning about it just as easy and fun as drinking it.”


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