Watch Episode 4 (Riesling): “A Walk on the Dry Side”

Contrary to popular belief, not all Rieslings are sweet and fruity. But the problem seems to be the words sweet and fruity that prevent most wine drinkers from taking it seriously.  Take a walk on the dry side and discover that Aussie Rieslings are, for the most part, dry!
Wineries Visited:  Pewsey Vale, KT & The Falcon, Skillogalee, Jim Barry Wines

Watch Episode 5 (Pinot Noir & Grenache): “The Heartbreaker and the Underdog”

Notoriously difficult to grow, Pinot Noir is known to cause heartbreak in winemakers. Grenache, often referred to as Pinot Noir’s warm climate cousin, has been underappreciated and was often used as a blending grape in inexpensive, undistinguished wines. But when grown in the correct climates, these grapes can produce world-class wines.
Wineries Visited:  Ten Minutes by Tractor, Yalumba, De Bortoli, and Gemtree

Watch Episode 7: “Warming up to Cool Climate Whites”

Discover perfect pairings for Chardonnays and Aromatics, and learn how the high temperatures in Canada’s only desert can create world-class “cool climate whites” for any budget.
Wineries Visited:  Mission Hill, Jackson-Triggs, Cedar Creek, See Ya Later Ranch, Sumac Ridge.  Not included in this episode is an exclusive Food and Wine Pairing discussion with Roger Planiden of Sumac Ridge.