The Aging of the Cheese

Exclusively CROTTIN DE CHAVIGNOL with different stage of maturing as per the photo.  The Crottin de Chavignol goes from creamy, soft and melting (top right) counter clockwise to strong and dry (bottom right), depending on the maturation time («l’affinage»).
The rind goes from beige to blue when it is at its most matured state.You can tell how old it is by the thickness of the rind on the outside of the cheese.  Note there is no rind in the cheese at the top right (it is 2 weeks old), but the piece on the right has a thick dark colour implying it is about 3 months old.

When semi-dry, the cheese tastes of milk and cream. Once is has matured longer, the rind can get slightly blue and the cheese will taste like mushroom and woods.  When dry, the taste is nutty and stronger.

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